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Dogs: A Babies Best Friend

Dogs: A Babies Best Friend

Dogs: A Babies Best Friend

I think one of our best decisions as parents was deciding to raise a dog and a baby together. I may not have thought so when my husband spontaneously came home with an eight month old boxer puppy when I was five months pregnant, but every time I see them together, I thank God that he did.

Sonny very quickly became a part of our family. His crazy personality meshed perfectly with Adam and I’s, and he cuddles like a pro. When I was pregnant and Adam was gone for days at a time, Sonny took care of me.  I felt safe knowing he was around and the bed never felt empty. I actually said to my husband, “I don’t know if my heart is big enough to love a baby as much as I love Sonny,” I guess it’s a good thing I have a really big heart because when Hudson was born I felt a love like I never knew was possible.img_20160722_184204

Raising the two of them together has been hard. Sonny took a lot of time to warm up to him because he stole all the attention; even our guests weren’t interested in his cuddles. Over time though and with a lot of work, the two of them are the best of friends now. Sonny often lays outside Hudson’s nursery when he naps and he’s the first one bounding up the stairs when he hears him cry. Hudson adores Sonny and lets out an infectious giggle anytime he enters a room. They have developed such a cool relationship and play really well together. Sonny brings him his toys and sometimes shares his own, and Hudson is constantly giving him cuddles.img_20160515_115218

Here are my top 5 reasons to raise a dog and a baby together:

  1. Your child will always have a best friend: Dogs really are mans best friend, and there is nothing better than seeing your baby cuddle with your pooch.
  2. Playing outside will come naturally: Dogs love playing outside and children love playing with dogs. Hudson would stay outside chasing Sonny around all day if I let him.
  3. Dogs provide a sense of comfort: Whether they are afraid of the dark or having a bad day, their trusted dog will always be there to save the day.
  4. Babies raised with dogs are less likely to develop asthma and allergies: True story. If for no other reason, it can be healthy.
  5. Double the trouble, double the fun: Having a puppy and a baby is like having two under two; it can be complete chaos sometimes, but at the end of the day you laugh and realise you wouldn’t have it any other way.img_20160515_115738

img_20160722_114457Obviously having both is not always easy, but to me, the reward of knowing that they will always have each other far outweighs the two of them being crazy sometimes. Do you have a dog or family pet at home? What positives or negatives have you taken from your own personal experience?



There are so many positives associated with raising a baby and a puppy together! It can be tough but at the end of the day, your child will always have a best friend.

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  • Oh my god these pics are way too cute!! So so adorable! We don´t have a dog although i think Lucas would love it, he goes crazy everytime he sees a dog on the street….

  • Erin says:

    So sweet! We don’t have a dog now but my son loves them so much! These photos definitely make me want to get one for my little guy!!

  • Erin says:

    So sweet! We don’t have a dog right now but my little guy loves them. These photos definitely make me want to get one for him!! They look like best buds!

  • Jasmine says:

    Oh what a couple of cuties! I have 3 kids and 2 dogs and they’re all crazy about each other!

  • Jenni Laplow says:

    Aww, I love the pics…they are so adorable together! I completely agree with you about raising a baby and dog together. I got my pup a few months before I became pregnant, and she was my number 1 support during pregnancy! Now, my 1 year old daughter and her are best friends and it just melts my heart!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Stephanie says:

    Such an adorable pair! Allergies mean no dogs for us, but we are so lucky to live in a neighborhood with so many friendly dogs. Kiddo woofs at them and tells me he’s speaking their language.

  • Tara Berries says:

    What a cute dog and baby bundle! Sadly my dog is not too friendly with my nephews.

  • Emily says:

    So adorable! We have enjoyed watching our dog and baby bond. We weren’t sure how our dog would adjust but with some work and being intentional with including her in everything and loving on her, they’ve become best of friends. Unfortunately my son breaks out when she kisses him, though, and it breaks my heart that I have to tell her “no kisses!” I keep praying that someday that won’t be the case!!

  • JeeYoung says:

    They are the sweetest ever! We have two small dogs and our boys love to play (torture) them! 😛

  • delia says:

    Ohh such cute pics! I’ve always wanted a dog but I guess I am too much of a clean freak to get one. Especially now with a baby. And I also keep waiting to have a house with a yard 🙁

  • Melissa says:

    These pictures are adorable. You can tell they are best friends! I keep telling my husband that our baby needs a puppy 🙂

  • This is so true! We have 2 Cavaliers and they are Harper’s best friends. She chases them around the house and they love to play outside together. Having dogs also teaches her how to be gentle and kind to animals. It really is a win all around!

  • I LOVE this post and your pics! As a pre-k teacher and mom to 5 dogs, I can attest to the differences in children raised with pets. They tend to be more empathetic and willing to take on responsibility. They also grow up unafraid of animals. I am a huge proponent of raising children with pets!

  • these pictures are simply priceless!!

  • Oh my gosh! That is the most sweetest of sweet! I know it would be so amazing to have a dog for my kids (4 of them) but sadly our landlord doesn’t allow dogs this post aches my heart not being able to see that relationship grow here! Maybe one day 🙂

  • Amber says:

    Oh my gosh this is so precious!! I have two litle dogs and my husband and I are trying to have a baby right now. I was little nervous at first but I think they’ll love the baby 🙂


  • Raquel says:

    This is adorable.

  • These pictures are PRECIOUS. And I’m totally with you on the big heart. I have a dog who is like my child, and we do everything together. It’s going to be so hard to love something else as much as I love her, but thank goodness for big hearts! When my husband and I start having children, it will be tough, but I’m excited to see my kids love her as much as we do.

  • ROBERT LEE says:

    I cannot not say anything. The photos are truly adorable, but even more so, is your message. It is true that dog is a man’s best friend and I am so sure your dog will protect your baby. It’s Sonny and Hudson, Hudson and Sonny. Inseparable but it couldn’t have been easy in the beginning. So good job, mommy.

  • Brittany says:

    Raising my dog and baby together has been the best thing ever! My dog has taught my daughter how to be patient and compassionate…and vise versa! They are both more gentle and nobody is a better playmate. It is an amazing experience. I love your pictures, too!

  • Awwww love this post! I totally agree! It’s so hard sometimes taking care of both but seeing my kids with our dog and how much love they have makes it all worth it. Best buddies.

  • Those photos of baby and dog together are so adorable. I can relate to your list of reasons. Our daughter plays with our in-laws puppy daily, and we can definitely tell their relationship is helping shape her in a positive way. Except maybe when she tries to put her teething toys in his mouth. 😉

  • This is so sweet. There’s something about a sweet dog that adds to wonderful childhood memories!

    The How-to Guru

  • We had a cat baby before our lil human one came long, lol, but I agree, you want to have your baby rasied with animals. it’s so beneficial on so many levels

  • Luz says:

    The two are adorable! I have three dogs, 2 big ones and a miniature poodle. When I was pregnant my in laws threw around the idea of having to give my dogs away. I quickly brought up the asthma point and they kind of just shrugged lol. But now my son lives our dogs and vice versa.

  • Brittany says:

    So sweet. My little one is in love with our dog. I love that they’re best friends!

  • lindsay says:

    I am seriously dying over these photos!! and totally agree! our dog was about 2 when we had our daughter and they are besties! I love that they can grow up together.

  • Our babies look close in age. My son just turned 9 months and our dog is a few years old. I’m glad the dog wasn’t any younger when we had my son.
    It was a huge adjustment for her. I swear she thought SHE was my baby, so she went through serious jealousy issues. Still battles with it a little, but at least she’s not peeing and pooping in her crate anymore.
    Now I’m happy we have the two kids and the dog, but there were certainly times it was all just too much. Now if I could just stop my son from eating the dog food 😐

  • Lucy Mills says:

    Aww! Your boxer is adorable! This is great! Pets are part of the family and it’s not hard to add another member. I can’t wait for our first family dog. Our cats have been great big brothers to the girls though!

  • Anna says:

    This has to be the cutest thing I have ever seen! Oh my goodness I am so in love with all of these pictures. I love the bond between a dog and a baby. I have a pit bull and I was so nervous about her being around Ava before we brought Ava home. Turns out they have become best buddies! Georgia is so good with her and it just melts my heart!

  • Madame X says:

    Precious! My daughter wants a dog too, we will try next year, but I’m a bit scared, really.

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  • Confession Time: I'm totally panicking about having another baby. I sit up at night wondering how my heart will grow to love another little person like I love Hudson. I think about how Hudson will adapt to having a new baby in the house. I even question my ability to be a mother of two. I think that as moms we naturally feel so much pressure to make the right decisions and be the best influence and raise amazing kids that we forget that perfection is unattainable. I am not perfect. I need to learn to accept help with Grace. I need to be more patient. I need to learn some breathing techniques (seriously). But one thing I do know is that God gave me these babies because he knows that I am capable. He gave me these little ones and no one else and for that I am so grateful. So 25 weeks today and being thankful and open and living with grace because as moms that's what it's all about, right? What are/were your biggest fears about having a second baby and what is the reality?
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  • Because I think we can all agree that there are few things better than a sleeping baby. Even on his most terrible days, I still like to sneak into his room at night and look at him sleeping. I often need to see him asleep to be reminded that despite his antics and incessant use of the word no, he's still just a little baby. My baby. He will always be my baby. 😍
  • His new favorite hobby is going out to the garden and eating raw asparagus. My parents probably thought they'd have tons of asparagus this season but not with this guy around 😂😂 he is literally a fiend! Also it just doesn't get cuter than running around a garden naked, am I right?? Who else is LOVING spring?
  • It's beginning to look a lot like SUMMER over here and I am loving it! I'm putting together a summer bucket list over on the blog and would LOVE some input from my fellow mama's! What is on YOUR summer bucket list?? ALSO! Planning a beach trip to South Carolina so fill me in on all the best places to go with little ones (or in date night)!!!
  • Holy cow folks, we are officially US residents! The past year has been stressful and emotional and tumultuous but now we're here and just waiting for Adam to join us! We've been playing on the farm and Hudson has been eating asparagus fresh out of the garden and I feel at peace. It was obviously so hard to leave a place that is/was our home but this is the start of a new, exciting chapter with our growing family and oh my goodness at 24 weeks pregnant I am beyond emotional and in love with my babies (plural OMG). It's just that feeling that all this work we've put in is finally churning out something incredible and beautiful.
  • Just gonna leave this here because it's Easter and he is the cutest thing I've ever seen. Happy Easter, frands! Hope you have a blessed day. 😊
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