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  Welcome to my blogging journey! I am so excited to start this blog but first, I want to tell you a little about myself and my…



Welcome to my blogging journey! I am so excited to start this blog but first, I want to tell you a little about myself and my new space on the web! My whole life I’ve been trying to figure out my purpose. I’ve traveled the world looking for inspiration. I’ve taught English in China, I’ve worked in an orphanage in Ethiopia, I’ve lived in France TWICE studying French (I still don’t know French, but I do know where to have the most fun in Toulouse and Nice!), I did the corporate thing and worked a 9-5, I did the non-corporate thing and worked in a bar; I did it all, and alas I still didn’t really know where I wanted my life to go. My dad always told me;

A kite with no strings cannot fly.

This always resonated with me as I jumped from life event to life event like I was on American Ninja Warrior, never slowing down but never really getting anywhere. Tired of my 9-5 job and bored of spending my money on excessive rent and overpriced DC happy hours, I decided to do something different and go back to school. My boyfriend lived in England and I wanted to be with him and graduate school was the only way I could get a visa to make that happen, so I did it.

Jump forward twelve months

Somehow in that time, I managed to get pregnant, marry my best friend and father of our son, move to North Devon, and give birth to a beautiful and healthy baby boy. OH, and I still got a distinction overall in grad school, although i’m still working on completing my dissertation to graduate.

Anyway, now I am a stay at home mom and am no longer a kite with no strings. I have all the strings, and while being a mom is the most rewarding and awesome thing I’ve ever done, I still find myself wondering who I am and what is my purpose. That’s what this blog is all about. The journey from being who I was to who I’m meant to be. In the seven short months that Hudson has been in my life, I’ve felt everything from rock bottom depression to manic joy. My emotions are a roller coaster and my husband thinks I’ve lost my mind sometimes and I know that i’m not the only mom who feels this way.

I want to highlight the amazing aspects of motherhood while reminding all of you beautiful mamas that you are still that sexy, fun, hilarious person you were before you were a mom. There MUST be a balance and I am on a mission to find it and master it, mom-bun and all. I promise these pages will be filled with life as it is, not life with a filter because I have no filter! I hope that in time you will laugh and cry and learn with me on this beautiful journey of motherhood.




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